Friday, October 1, 2010

Easy Application of Ayurveda, Seasons and the Doshas

Seasons have their own qualitites that interact with the Doshas of each individual.  These qualities can create imbalance in individuals or help to facilitate healing and balance.  While we typically think of the seasons as being four, Ayurveda divides them into three categories with respect to the Doshas.

We can look at each cycle in three ways.  During a particular season one Dosha is being alleviated, while another Dosha begins to accumulate in the body, and the last Dosha is aggravated.  As you can see all three are involved during each season.

In the season from late winter into early spring Kapha is becoming aggravated, Pitta is beginning to accumulate in the body, and the problems of Vata are naturally alleviated.

From late spring into summer Pitta is aggrevated by the heat, Vata begins to accumulate do to the dryness, and Kapha is alleviated.

From Fall into early winter Vata is aggravated by the cold and wind, Kapha begins to accumulate, and Pitta is alleviated by the coolness.

A quick example from my own life.....In early spring I change my diet to the fresh bitter greens that start to grow again.  I avoid or limit the heavier Kapha producing foods, like milk, while eating bitters help to control the Pitta heat that is beginning to accumulate.

Hope you enjoy and find some use!

Jay Shiv Shakti


  1. Lucky for us Vatas that root veggies come in season just when we need them most. Especially BEETS!

  2. This is a great example. Root vegetables are very grounding and the timing is perfect. Vata is especially aggravated in the cold and dry fall. Yeaaaa for sweet potatoes!!!