Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fall is here! Ayurveda and the seasons

Fall is definitely upon the midwest!

As I drove home from school today, the side of the highway looked like it was on fire from the explosion of red sumac.  The maples are wonderful crimson colors and yellow leafs lie in every front yard.

Seasons play a major role in Ayurveda and each one of us is effected differently depending on our unique constitution.

Fall is when Vata is most aggravated.  Fall is dry, light, cold, windy, rough, and empty.  Looking at the trees it's easy to see the cold wind blowing through leafless branches.

Vata is responsible for governing all movement, circulation, thought process, and assists in digestion.  Increased Vata can show up as anxiety, irregularity in the mind, irregular digestion, arthritis, or excess gas to name a few problems.

A few simple things to keep Vata in check as we head into fall:

  • The most important thing to keep Vata in balance is to stick to a healthy routine.  Being regular will go a long with keeping Vata in balance. 
  • The main home of Vata is in the Colon, so any Yogasanas that compress or stretch the colon are very useful.  Practice of all forward bends is highly recommended as this not only compresses the colon but calms the mind as well.
  • Practice Nadi Shodhana if you have learned the technique from a qualified teacher or Yogacharaya.  It helps to balance all the Doshas in the body.  A few minutes of practice will induce a deep state of relaxation and peace.  It helps to relieve stress, bring mental clarity, and focus.  It is a wonderful technique for people who are feeling anxious, stressed, or tired.  It brings the harmony of the Pranas and helps to balance the three major nadis of the body.
  • Stay warm!  Wear your coats and scarfs.  One of the major homes of Vata is in the throat, so it's good to keep the neck wrapped up and warm.
  • Cook with warm spices that don't aggravate your Pitta, and eat the grounding root vegetables that are showing up in the local markets.
  • Last, but not least, spend your time with friendly and loving people that encourage you to reach your full spiritual potential.  The Love of friends can keep us warm through the cold days, and with the light of inner illumination we will never feel cold.
Jay Shiv Shakti!


  1. Happy Navaratri!

    Aum Namascandikayai!

  2. Help with translation please? I googled and tried Sanskrit translaters but not helpful. I only found "Om namascandikayai. We bow to the Goddess who tears apart thought." on a website. Is that the correct translation?

  3. That is it! We bow to the Goddess who tears apart thoughts!

    Om Namascandikayai!

    Jay Maa

  4. Thanks! Maybe if I chant that it will help me empty out those overflowing 'top drawers'.