Monday, September 20, 2010

When the fire burns hot

Some days it seems like the world is pushing against us. People may be rude, work difficult, or loved ones hard to deal with. These difficult times shows us so much about who we are, and what sadhana is really about. In realationship to these difficult times my Guruji Shri Shri Yogeshwaraji has said,

"The best way to face such circumstances is to withdraw our inner self from the situation and just become a witness to what ever is happening around. In reality "I" is only a witness. If one recognizes the real "I" and withdraws from such situation inside it will be easier to pass through such tests."

One day when I felt the flames all around me he shared a Hindi saying:

Aag Mae Jalake Bhi Jo Nikhare, Hai Wohi Sachcha Sona

The one that shines more after burning in the fire, is the real Gold.

Jay Shiv Shakti

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