Sunday, October 31, 2010

One Hell of a Dream and the Adhyatma Ramayana

I woke this morning to an extremely vivd dream.  I always find it amazing how caught up in the dream I am until the moment I wake up.  My Guruji says this is like the experience we have identifying with the mind body complex, we are in a dream not perceiving the true reality that is everywhere around us.  But, that is the job of Maa Shakti, and she does it well!  So, the dream got me thinking about delusion and ignorance.....with the hopes of one day really waking up.

This is one of my faviorite parts of The Adhayatma Ramayana, Sundara Kandam: Hanuman's sermon to Ravana v.15-19

"The real 'You' or the Self has none of the miseries arising from body, intellect, and the sense, because the real 'you' is only the unperturbed and unaffected witness of all these changes.  The actual involvement in these changes belongs to the body-mind complex.  it is just like the experience of one sleeping.  The series of dream experiences which sleep brings about, end with the dream; they are the effects of the delusive ignorance characteristic of sleep.  As far as the real Self is concerned, the bodily experiences are unreal in the same way.  This unpertubedness and unaffectedness is the truth in regard to the nature of your real Self.  You are by nature changeless; for the Self being non-dual, there can be no cause to effect change in it.  Like the all-prevading Akasa which pervades objects but is not affected by it, your real Self, though pervading the body, is not affected by the bodily experiences because of it's subtlety.  All bondage arises from the sense of identification of the complex, body-mind-Prana- with the real Self.  And liberation consists in experiencing: I am Pure Consciousness, I am Unbound, I am Deathless, I am Pure Bliss."

Aum Hum Hanumate Namah

Jay Shiv Shakti

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