Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Easy application of the Gunas

Triguna and Food

Wrapping your head around the Gunas can be a bit difficult.  I will take one small application at a time, with the hopes that this will be of service to fellow spiritual seekers.

Every food you eat effects your mind and body.  This food can either aggravate or balance the gunas, as well as the doshas.  There are three possible outcomes of our consumption, as we increases or decreases the gunas.

To simplify these ideas: Sattvic foods help to create balance and equalibrium in our body and mind.  Rajasic food creates more movement and heat.  Tamasic food creates heaviness and inertia.

Sattvic food is that which is nourishing, light, juicy, and unctuous.  These are the foods that help cultivate a spiritual life style and practice.  Some examples of Sattvic food include vegetables that are easy to digest, fresh milk, some grains, and most nuts.

Rajasic food is the foundation of all activity, motion, excessive thought, and ultimately pain.  They tend to be spicy, sharp, salty, and extremely hot and dry.  Examples of this include very pungent spices, garlic, onion, foods fried in oil, or even sattvic foods taken in excess.

Tamasic food is that which is distasteful, past expiration, old, decaying, and rotten.  These foods cloud body and mind causing ignorance.  They include processed food, stale food, improper food combination, alcohol, and meat.

Bon Apetit

Jay Shiv Shakti

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