Saturday, November 27, 2010

Rig Veda quote from Guruji Shri Shriyogeshvaraji

aya devānāmapasāmapastamo yo jajāna rodasī viśvaśambhuvā |
vi yo mame rajasī sukratūyayājarebhi skambhanebhi
samānce ||
(Rig Veda, Mandal :1, Sukt:160, Verse : 04)

Among the skilful Gods most skilled is he, who made the two world-halves which bring prosperity to all;
Who with great wisdom measured both the regions out, and stabilised them with pillars that shall never decay. I pray to thee, O God Supreme. 

Explanation :  This world is functioning by many different Gods like Indra (The King Of the Heaven), Marut (The God Of Wind and Air), Varuna (The God Of Water), Agn (The God Of Fire)i, Surya (The Sun. The God Of Life On the Earth), Soma (The Moon. The God Of Plants and Herbs, natural medicines)  ... they are very capable and skilful in their respective area. But the most skilful is the one who created this all world and defined it in two parts, Prithvi (Earth) and Heaven (Svarga). Both these parts are so well balanced and  stable that it seems as if they are supported by pillars, but in reality they hang in cosmos without any outer support. It is a very well organized creation. It has been established with such stability and firmness that the unseen support can never be destroyed (because it is the support of the Supreme One). I pray, sing the glory of, this Supreme God (Para BrahmaN), who is the master of all Gods.
-Guruji Shriyogeshvaraji
taken from Samvad Forum

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