Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Basics of Hatha Yoga, Yoga Studies in Stillwater Minnesota

Jay Shiv Shakti!

I have started a small study group/practice group that will be covering the very basics of Hatha Yoga.  The program is anticipated to run from now until May when I leave for India, and to cover the foundation of creating a traditional Hatha Yoga practice.  The first few weeks will cover the foundational pre-meditative asanas, basics of pranayama, and body awareness practices.   This is the start of a course that could potentially continue for years and work towards the higher practices of Yoga.  These lessons are appropriate for everyone, and are the basis for creating a healthy home practice.
No disco music, no push-ups!
 Good for all, beginner or experienced!

They will be held Tuesday nights at 6:45 in a residential location in Stillwater.

For more info send me an e-mail:

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