Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Vajrasana, the thunderbolt pose, is an amazingly powerful pose and the base position for many other Yoga asanas. The word Vajra means thunderbolt, and also refers to Vajra Nadi-the energetic pathway that is directly connected with the genitounrinary system. Practice of Vajrasana and all related asanas are beneficial for the reproductive system, digestive system, and regulation of sexual energy. Anyone who is interested in dedicated study of Hatha Yoga or going beyond the beginning level of techniques should seek the guidance of a Guru or experienced Yoga educator. One should always practice under competent guidance, and never rush. Hatha Yoga has traditionally been taught one on one, and can not be learned through reading articles, it should be learned from a competent guide who can correct any mistakes or dangers that you might not be aware of. If you have not learned this practice from your Guru or a competent Yoga educator please do not attempt it.
Vajrasana Technique:
Kneel on the floor, the big toes are together with the feet spread apart.
The buttocks will be resting on the inside of the feet, the heels will be touching the sides of the hips.
The spine should be completely straight.
Hands will be either palms down on the legs or Bhairava Mudra. The hands and arms should be relaxed.
Close the eyes, and relax.
Breathe normally.
Your inner awareness comes to your belly button or Manipura Chakra.
Length of Practice:
Vajrasana can be practiced for extended periods of time. Hold the pose as long as it is comfortable. Vajrasana is used by both Muslims and Zen Buddhists for prayer and meditation, and can be held for extended periods by those that cannot sit in other meditation asanas. Try to practice Vajrasana for a few minutes before and after meals to stimulate digestion.
Practice notes:
If there is pain in the thighs or knees, began by separating the knees by a few inches. If there is still pain, place a folded blanket between the buttocks and the legs. If this is not enough, sit on a block or a cushion until the legs open up. If the ankles hurt from tightness, release the pose and stretch the ankles and then resume the posture again.
And, all the wonderful benefits:
Vajrasana stimulates our digestion and help us to fully digest all things come into our being; food, thoughts, and emotins. It is used in yogic therapy to treat digestive disorders, stomach problems, and ulcers. Vajrasana alters the flow of blood and nervous impulses to the entire pelvic region. It helps to strengthen the pelvic muscles and alleviate menstrual disorders. It stimulates Vajra Nadi, regulating our sexual energy, allowing us to engage in meditation and spiritual practices.
Bonus practice to bring balance to the breath and mind:
Check the flow of your breath and see what nostril is predominant. If the left side is dominant place the left big toe on top of the right big toe; if the right is dominant place the right big toe on top of the left big toe. The flow of breath in the nostrils is related to the flow of two of the major energy channels in the body Ida and Pingala Nadi. By balancing the breath you can bring peace to the mind.

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  1. Vajrasana is amazing for digestive health and to get a flat tummy. I love sitting for 15 minutes after my dinner and its effect is equivalent to that of a long walk. Vajrasana for weight loss and digestion